This time last year the kick-ass gals over at Hello May approached us to be apart of their issue two competition. We had to hold ourselves back from replying to the email straight away exclaiming our joy and excitement in capital letters and overuse of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They chose us for the Tasmania constituent of the comp (TASSIE REPRESENT!) Feeling rather chuffed and just a little stoked, we couldn’t wait to see what the comp would bring us. We had a feeling that some pretty awesome peeps would enter, and our winners Ally + Jonnie didn’t disappoint. These guys are probably some of the coolest cats you-ever-did-meet! They threw a Wedding that incorporated everything that a wedding should. Big hearts, even bigger smiles and a sense of community and love that would make even the toughest scrooge cry. We hope you enjoy their awesome day just as much as we did :)


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