When Fred and Hannah met. The skies parted and the heavens opened, sparks flew and temperatures rose. Our hearts pounded as our eyes locked gazes from across the room… yeah right! Actually we met over a game of Guitar Hero at a friends place, it was pretty much a non-event. So very romantic! Now after many a guitar solo and disco dancing to James Brown later, you can’t possibly separate us, we be like peas and carrots.

We love to shoot film and digital. We collect cameras, and every now and then we go on expeditions to hunt for those elusive rare unicorn cameras waiting to be discovered at second hand stores and garage sales. Photography is the synonym for passion, fun and an all time favourite happy-place – well at least that’s how we see it. Always being on the lookout to create stories of those fleeting moments. Capturing stories of fun and love is why we love photographing weddings so much. Oh! and we believe that our cameras give us super powers!

Honestly, it makes us SO very happy to be able share our love for photography and everything in it. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

On a more serious note…

We don’t cap our time and restrict your wedding to a specific set of hours. We believe awesome moments are never restricted by time and because we simply know your day is so much more than that. If we say we’ll be there from when you head out for an early morning surf before a ceremony, to cutting some rug with kick-ass improv dance moves, we mean it.

Travelling is something we simply adore.  It’s an added bonus to capturing intimacy between two people in love. We are so very grateful to have the absolute privilege and pleasure to capture peoples destination weddings in gorgeous and epic locations all over this little blue planet. Invite us anywhere, we’d love to go!

If you want a couple in love to capture your love, let us know, nothing makes us happier.HIGH-FIVE-CLAP!